With so much of the country making a move to legalize marijuana, is more important than ever to differentiate your product from cheaper, lower quality items. That’s where having the right cannabis bags comes in.

The Growing Market

2018 is shaping up to be one of the most important years for the marijuana industry. Regulatory changes at the federal level, while confusing, do indicate a willingness on the part of the national government to revisit the issue of marijuana and its legality. Thirty states have already legalized marijuana for medical use, and eight states have made it legal for recreational use. At least two states, Vermont and New Jersey, look poised to legalize marijuana for recreational use in the next year. Meanwhile, all eyes are on Massachusetts and California, the largest states to legalize recreational marijuana, as case studies on effective marijuana policy. Assuming things go well here, the market will be exploding very soon.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Marijuana is a big industry and there are a lot of producers already on the market. Customers walking into any shop, whether for medical marijuana bags or just for recreational use, find themselves facing an array of bag labels. It can be bewildering to decide which to choose, so many times it all comes down to price. That’s where custom packaging for your cannabis bags can make all the difference. High-quality cannabis bags advertise a high-quality product and give a consumer reason to spend a little bit extra. You put a lot of work into your final product; you should put just as much effort into the right packaging design.

Does Design Really Make a Difference

There is no doubt that good quality packaging on your cannabis bags can make all the difference. A study done by West Rock Consumer Insights in 2016 found that 66% of buyers tried a product because the packaging caught their eye. That same study found that more than a quarter of consumers say that the packaging of a product is extremely important as they consider their overall satisfaction with it. Other studies have found that businesses who put a lot of effort and attention into their packaging see a 30% jump in consumer interest.

What Makes Good Packaging Design?

A good logo and packaging design represents everything that you stand for. It also enhances a customer’s first impression and even builds loyalty between you and your customers by establishing a strong brand identity. Finally, it lends a professional look that advertises you as an established grower and supplier in the field. To make an excellent logo, consider these five tips:

  1. Check out the competition. Look at the logos other people are using in your field. Do their cannabis bags use flashy graphics? Enormous type? Are they focused on the font or focused more on the graphics? Your design should make you stand out from this.
  2. Consider your message. One of the biggest mistakes in designing cannabis bags is trying to put too much information on the bag. This makes it impossible for your customers to remember your brand. Focus on the message and make your logo clean and functional.
  3. Match your logo to your name. Whatever business name you’ve chosen will affect your logo design. If you’re going with a fancy name, you’re going to want a classy font. If you’ve got the term “storm” in your name, you’re going to want to implement something in your logo design that brings storms to mind, like lightning bolts or clouds.
  4. Run far and fast from clip art and stupid trends. Nothing makes you look more amateur than clipart. It’s too easy to copy and it signals that you don’t really care about your product. If you don’t care about the design on your cannabis bags, why should customers think you care about the product inside? Also, avoid anything that is super trendy, unless you’re planning on being out of business by next month.

Your packaging design can make all the difference to your cannabis bags. Find specialty product packaging who can work with you to perfect your bag labels and bag design to make you stand out from the crowd.

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