If you have been driving for long enough, you are bound to see some unusual sights. You may see a giant teddy bear roadside attraction, you might see an insane sports car, you may even see a Scooby Doo van. Yet, this might take the cake. Watch this video to see what cops discovered on the road and why they had to pull the vehicle over.

A police officer was on duty patrolling as normal when he saw an unusual U-Haul drive by. The back of the U-Haul was completely open.

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Attached by a single strap was a full size SUV. It was partially hanging out of the U-Haul already and looked like it was about to give at any moment. The officer quickly turned on his lights and sped up to catch up with the U-Haul. After pulling over the U-Haul, the officer learned that the man had a warrant out for his arrest. Apparently he never showed for his court date among other things. He may need to talk to some trusted bail bond agents about this one when its all over.


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