Forklifts are incredible tools for boosting productivity. They can also be a lot of fun to drive around. However, you must still be careful while handling these powerful machines. Otherwise, you may end up like of these poor workers in this video. They will need to call a forklift repair shop after this.

In the first video clip, a forklift attempts to pull wide of a parcel. However, it clips the edge of one of the storage racks.

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This rack comes crashing down in a pile of rubble. This incident set up a chain reaction of other shelves falling down. Eventually, nearly the whole warehouse comes crashing down, burying the forklift under the rubble. In the next clip, a similar incident occurs when a forklift clips yet another storage shelf. That shelf comes crashing down as well. Thankful, the driver was able to escape before being buried alive.

In the next video clip, we see a forklift that is attempting to lift cases of beer. However, the load seems to be not properly balanced. This causes some of the cases to fall, bursting open and spilling beer all over the floor. They are going to need a wet floor sign after that accident.


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