Motorbikes are known for being stylish and extremely fast. Kawasaki vehicles are some of the fastest and most durable around. On paper, their bikes look good.

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However, they wanted to prove that they are the best out on the road. In this video, you will see a Kawasaki motorcycle break a world record.

The day is June 30th, 2016. It is a beautiful day in Turkey. Kenan Sofuoglu sits at the start of Osman Gazi Bridge as he waits patiently for his attempt to break the record for the fastest accelerating bike in the world. The bike he will be using is the Kawasaki Ninja H2R. This bike had been designed to go from 0-400 km/hr in a very short amount of time. Just how short remains to be seen. The bike’s wheel get one more polish before the official run.

Sofuoglu is given the clear and the bike rockets forward as he floors the accelerator. The supports of the bridge fly by as he rapidly gains speed. The speedometer quickly climbs into the 300’s. Will he be able to do it? Finally, he hits 400 km/hr. His final time is an incredible, record breaking 26 seconds. Kawasaki and Sofuoglu have broken the world record.


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