Tornadoes are scary forces of nature. Their destructive winds can easily destroy anything in their way. In this video, you will see a tornado destroy a school gymnasium in a matter of seconds. They are going to need an emergency roof service and a lot more to fix this mess.

The video starts with footage from a hallway security camera. You can see a man desperately running down the hallway as the tornado hits the school.

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The lights then flicker and part of the wall collapses in from the intense winds. If you look closely, you can see winds whipping debris violently just beyond the exit sign. Finally, the whole roof collapses and the camera is knocked towards the ground.

The next clip from this same tornado shows the gymnasium. The lights flicker and the roof and wall collapses in. Piercing debris can clearly be seen spinning violently in a cyclonic manner. Though it is unfortunate for the school, this footage is truly incredible.

Another clip shows the football field outside the school. As the tornado approaches, the field goal posts swing and bend in the wind. The gates to the field nearly get blown off their hinges.


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