California is home to one of the most unique and brutal places on earth. Death Valley is a wasteland to some, but a fascinating wonder to others. It was given this name for its harsh temperatures and unforgiving, barren landscape. In this video, you will learn more about Death Valley.

Thankfully, an air conditioning company can install AC’s basically anywhere in the country. However, even an AC may not keep up with the heat in Death Valley.

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It is extremely hot. In fact, Death Valley owns the record for the hottest place on Earth. It set this record in 1913 when the temperature reached 134 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of heat can cause many problems. It has been known to melt the rubber off of the heals of shoes. It has also been known to cause car trouble. Many visitors find their cars breaking down due to the extreme heat.

The most extreme part of Death Valley is Badwater Basin. Badwater Basin is about 200 square miles of flat, cracked land. It is almost like being on another planet. There is no plant or sign of life in sight. Even so, Badwater Basin is beautiful in its own way.


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