Tornadoes can be mesmerizing. It is something about a vortex of wind that flings dirt and debris hundreds of feet into the air. Yet, these mesmerizing tornadoes are always dangerous. This debris can rip through cars and house. The winds can flip vehicles. Power lines can be kicked down onto the road.

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If a tornado happens to pass by your home, chances are you will need to contact your local residential roofing company. That is, if you still have a house at all. In this video, you will see a beautiful tornado that gets a little too close for comfort to one storm chaser.

The video starts with a storm chaser watching a dusty brownish-red tornado going through a wind farm. The turbines are locked in place to prevent spinning too quickly. At first, the tornado seems to not be moving. However, this normally means that the tornado is either going directly at you or away from you. In this case, the tornado was coming directly at the storm chaser. You can hear the roar of the mighty winds as it approaches. The chaser quickly realizes his mistake and quickly gets out of dodge.


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