It can be difficult to get close to a tornado. Roads become slick and bogged down. Branches and powerlines often block the road. Heavy rain may make it nearly impossible to see. Tornadoes are dangerous as well.

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Everyone other than experience storm chasers should avoid tornadoes at all costs. They have the ability to flip cars, explode transformers, and lift houses off of their foundations. At the first sound of a tornado warning alarm, you should be seeking shelter immediately. You can worry about the damage and call a local roofer once everything has calmed down. Yet, storm chasers continue to cheat death and get closer and closer to these dangerous vortexes. In this video, you will see two storm chasers get extremely close to a tornado.

The video starts with a relatively weak dust-engulfed tornado crossing the road in front of the two chasers. You can see multiple vortexes swirling inside the main vortex. They continue to follow the tornado as it picks up more dirt and debris. At one point, you can see power flashes as it rips apart powerlines with brilliant flashes of light.


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