Celeb gossip

Every day, there are important issues and developments that are, or should be, reported on the news. From international dealings to changes in law or policy, to the injustices that too many people suffer on a daily basis, there is a lot going on around us.

However some of the most prominent news stories have less to do with breaking news and more to do with the latest happenings within Hollywood. Many news outlets lean towards celebrity over sociopolitical issues, for the simple reason of the masses’ desire. Celebrity news is prevalent in countless magazines and websites dedicated solely to the lives of these individuals that society holds up on a pedestal.

Today in entertainment
In a world that grows increasingly smaller as online access makes connections so much easier, we have access to news and events around the globe like never before. Yet some of the most popular websites are focused on the habits of stars. Sure, the occasional splurge into the glimmering world of celebrity and wealth are reasonable and entertaining. But being up to date on which hot Hollywood couple just went their separate ways should not come at the ignorance of global current events, or even the issues that plague your own neighborhood.

Now more than ever, which such a big platform, or pedestal, from which to share their voices, the significance of celebrities using their status for bigger purposes is paramount. Finding oneself in the spotlight can certainly have its advantages, but that advantage should be used to better the world.

The power of black gossip sites
Right now our country is going through particularly painful growing pains. The racial and social divides that have been present for centuries are coming to a head, as people fight for justice and equality. There’s sadly a lot of work that still needs to be done, with people of color still facing barriers that white people often use as additional stepping stones. But there has been a definite shift of consciousness and focus, as society struggles to level the playing field in manner that is more just for everyone involved.

When it comes to urban news and black gossip sites that are devoted to examining the lives of black entertainers, there is much to be found, like any other gossip site, regarding personal relationships and drama, daily activities, and swirling rumors. But there are certain aspects that are focused on that have the potential to be built into something stronger. The roles of black actors, musicians, athletes, and other prominent figures are more than solely the titles they hold. The black gossip sites, news outlets, and media that focus on these entertainers also help to create role models and icons for others to look up to as we strive to heal the deep wounds across the country.

Making a difference
According to the United States Census Bureau, there are well over 45 million African Americans living throughout the nation, which adds up to about 15% of the total population, a pretty significant chunk of the population. And as much as we like to think that our nation is among the most advanced and progressive in the world, we are sadly far behind in providing equality for these huge chunks of the total population. But, of course, that does not stop emboldened, determined, and successful individuals from emerging as inspirations to millions.

Tyra Banks made waves in 1996, when she was the first African American to land the covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, GQ, and the lingerie catalog of Victoria’s Secret, and she has remained comfortably in the spotlight ever since. Oprah saw enormous success when her show aired for 25 seasons, ending up on 120 channels and landing her a solid $30 million after the first year alone. And of course there’s Beyonce, who has recently been estimated to have a net worth of $450 million and the undisputed title of being one of the most successful and adored female music artists around the globe. Many black gossip sites are reporting more than just rumors, even if they don’t realize it.

Celebrities have the ability to reach millions. Having that incredible platform, more celebrities should be contributing to bringing the world together with awareness, knowledge, and tolerance.

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