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The average wedding has nearly 140 guests attending. That is, essentially, 140 people you don?t want watching while you mess up — whether that?s by not planning adequately for bad weather, or whether that?s underestimating how many guests are going to opt for a slice of cake. Planning a wedding doesn?t need to be endlessly frustrating, though. Here are 4 top tips for not messing up your wedding.

1. Invest the Most in What People See The Most

It might be tempting to buy the $200 bouquet to hold during the ceremony instead of the $100 one. If you?re on a budget, though, it may be wise to invest in the things guests are going to notice the most. Tiny details like the bride?s bouquet will likely escape their notice, but having beautiful wedding linen rentals or wedding tables — that is something that will show up in photo after photo of the event.

2. For Outdoor Events, Plan On Perfect Tent Rentals No Matter What

Many people view wedding tents as ?backups? to their ideal wedding — a place to go if it rains or gets too cold at night, basically. In reality, though, you should consider the tent to be the home of your outdoor reception. This will allow you to plan the layout with greater precision instead of putting it together at the last time (did you know, for example, that with round tables you should allow for 12 square feet per person on average?) — it?s also a reasonable decision considering that reception areas without perfect tent rentals will involve guests squinting in the sun or feeling chilly.

3. Opt for Padded Wedding Chairs

Do you want everyone squirming around during the ceremony? Don?t opt for a seating arrangement that feels like a high school classroom, then — especially if other options are available. Opt for padded wedding chairs (whether they come this way or need a cushion attached) so that everyone is ready to sit and focus on you — not on their chair.

4. Give Guests Ample Opportunity for Socializing

What people often talk about after a successful wedding and reception isn?t the flowers or the dress — it?s who they talked to, and about how much fun they had doing so. Make sure your guests have adequate opportunity to socialize and get silly — remember, many people may know you but not the majority of guests attending. Think of fun ways to get everyone involved and interested in an activity — why not opt for a round of square dancing instead of something fancier?

Will you be opting for padded wedding chairs or perfect tent rentals for your ceremony? Let us know. Learn more at this link.

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