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It can be hard to find family fun activities that are fresh and new. In cities and towns across the country rock climbing walls are being built at attractions in the area. There are a lot of great reasons to bring your friends, family and colleagues to one of these. Here are a few of the benefits of rock climbing:

  • It can be a very great way to bond. Whether you are talking about bringing your friends, your family or your coworkers, going to one of the attractions in the area that has a climbing wall can be a great team building exercise. It can let you bond with your friends or family. As members of your group make it to the top, you cheer them on and you are cheered on as you do. This is a great way to bring everyone together.
  • Climbing walls are great for confidence building. Everyone who goes to one of the attractions in the area with a wall will leave with a boosted confidence level. People who do not think that they are going to be able to make it up the wall get a real sense of accomplishment that will make the outing really worthwhile. The fear of heights is a big one for many people around the United States and the world. When you climb a rock wall, you are able to face that fear in a very safe way. When people are able to do that, it does a ton for their self esteem and sense of self worth. This makes this a very rewarding experience.
  • You get a good strength training and cardio work out in one. Every session on the climbing wall gives you a chance to work out the entire body. At the same time, it raises the heart rate to the exercise level. It builds upper and lower body strength. It is a great workout for your core. Some research has shown that the cardio workout of using a climbing wall or doing the real thing can equal running at a speed of an eight to 11 minute mile. This makes the attractions in the area that have this very healthy to visit.
  • The muscle strengthening is first rate. During a session on the wall, you engage different muscle groups. In fact, almost all muscle groups in the body are used during rock climbing exercise. You do not have to rise to the level of elite climbers to get the benefits of this kind of workout. Just one session on a wall can work out all of your body. If you are looking for really healthy things to do with your group, going to attractions in the area with a wall will help everyone become a little stronger after even one time out.
  • This is a great way to improve your flexibility. One thing that is often overlooked when it comes to the benefits of climbing on a wall is what it does for people’s range of motion. The movements you make when you and your friends are on the wall include climbing and reaching. When you reach for the handholds, you stretch and that increases your range of motion and your flexibility. This can also increase and help your circulation.
  • It can be very stress relieving. When people climb a rock wall, the brain will release the neurotransmitter, norepinephrine. This is well known to be a stress reducer. When your group goes to one of the attractions in the area that has a wall will let everyone leave the outing with a little less stress in their lives. Anytime you engage in real physical activity that raises your heart rate, your body also releases endorphins and that makes you feel happier. This activity is no exception.
  • Rock climbing burns calories. Because it raises your heart rate, you will burn a lot of calories while you are doing it. If you are bringing your group to one of the attractions in the area that has a rock climbing wall, no one will feel guilty if you follow that activity up by going for pizza.

Finding new things to do can be really challenging. If you have new attractions in the area and they have rock climbing walls, that is a fun option.


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