Casino night party theme

When it comes raising money for a good cause, there is no shortage of ways to bring people together for a common purpose. From the traditional to the unique, the elegant to the fun, fundraising events can be just about anything so long as people are willing and able to contribute! If you’re looking for some unique fundraising ideas, here are just three kinds of fundraising events that are sure to be memorable, effective, and fun for everyone.

1) Casino Night Fundraisers

This particular type of fundraiser needs to be prefaced with the fact that gaming laws vary state by state. New Jersey gaming laws are stricter than those in most other states, for instance. However, if the purpose of a so-called “Casino Night” is not to make profit but rather to raise funds for a charity, some of these laws no longer apply, as this now falls under charitable gaming regulation. Still, it’s best to read up on your state and county’s laws just to ensure an event such as this is possible and legal.

Once you’ve got the go-ahead on throwing a casino themed fundraiser, the next step is figuring out how to run it, what games to have, how many tables will be necessary, etc. Fortunately there are companies who specialize in bringing the casino atmosphere to your group. This means all the necessary preparations such as materials and personnel are provided for your group! These companies also typically help the partygoers understand the games and give them advice on how to better play them. So all you really have to worry about is finding the proper space and catering for your event.

Since charitable gaming is not for profit, donations come in via ticket sales. Guests purchase a ticket at a given price and have the freedom to game as much as they like!

2) Bake Sales

You’ve probably been to at least one of these fundraising events in your lifetime. Bake sales are popular with schools and boy/girl scout troops since they combine learning with good food, all for a good cause. But bake sales can occur in other settings as well. A company bake sale is a fun and tasty way to both raise some money, compete with co-workers, and solidify relationships between employees, managers and more.

You can make your bake sale more interesting by selecting a theme, making a list of ingredients that can only be used, or giving away prizes to those with the most creative or tasty creation of the night. Additionally, it’s always good to have entertainment such as music or stand-up comedy to coincide with the event to entice more people to come. As with fundraising events themselves, there’s really no limit to the ways a bake sale can be conducted. Get creative!

3) Walking and Running Events

This last type of fundraiser takes a more physical approach. Walking and running fundraisers combine exercise with charitable donations! Money can be raised in several different ways in one of these events. Some people sponsor a particular walker or runner, especially if they are unable to walk/run themselves, and depending on how far or long the walker goes, the sponsor will donate a certain amount of money. The walker or runner will often match that donation afterwards.

Another method of generating money for charity this way is via advertisement. Both local and larger companies will often sponsor these events as well, printing their logos on T-shirts or other promotional gear like water bottles and hats. In exchange for this mass mobile advertisement, the company donates a certain amount of money to the given charity.

By participating in a walking or running event, you’re getting active while raising money for good causes. It’s a win-win! In addition, you get to walk and talk with friends and strangers alike who have all come together for a common purpose. This sense of community is good for mental health, and will leave you with memories and potentially new friendships long after the event.

There are hundreds of other unique ways to hold a fundraiser. Look online for even more ideas and make your next fundraiser truly special!

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