Corporate theme parties

Are you looking for unique fundraising ideas? Planning a corporate getaway or event? Have you considered a casino theme party? This is just one of many corporate event ideas that can provide the perfect mix of work and play.

One of the many reasons why a casino night would be fun party theme is because so many people already enjoy playing casino-style card games. Just one of these is poker, and there are around 40 million people that play this game regularly. Furthermore, over 10 million people have visited a casino tin the past year to specifically play this game.

In addition to enjoying poker, other people love to play blackjack. It’s interesting to note that this is a popular casino game played in around 140 different countries. The United States itself boasts 1,511 casinos, and Las Vegas is one of the post popular destinations for 36.7 million people each year.

If a casino night is currently at the top of your list for unique fundraising ideas, you may be curious how to set up an event like this. Hosting a casino night fundraiser is actually quite easy because you can have a Las-Vegas-style casino brought to your home, office or other event space.

The tables, dealers, and all the requisite accessories will all be supplied. Furthermore, everyone in attendance will be able to learn how to play poker and blackjack without risking their own money. You may also learn a few interesting facts about cards and card games. Were you aware, for example, that you need to shuffle a new deck of cards at least seven times in order to completely randomize it?

Once you check all the items off of your party planning checklist, you get to prepare to have fun. You may also want to encourage everyone to dress up to add to the casino-style ambiance. Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser or another type of event, it will be such a memorable occasion that your colleagues and guests will talk about it for months. As a result, you may want to host a casino night more than once throughout the year.

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