Life is valuable. We only have so much of it. Every second counts, so it is important to make the best of it. Recently, a Japanese lady by the name of, Kane Tanaka, passed away. This is nothing unusual at first glance as many people pass away each day.

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However, what makes this extraordinary is that she lived to the crisp old age of 118 years old. In this video, you will learn more.

Tanaka’s funeral was help recently after her passing. She was a beloved woman. Many people attended her funeral and celebrated her life. She meant so much to so many people. It wasn’t that she simply lived a long time, she lived life to the fullest for those 118 years. This is an example that we can learn from. It is not necessarily about how long you live, it is about who you are, and what you do during that time. It is important to care for people during the little time that we have on this planet. We should be spending time with those we care about, helping those in need, and finding joy in every passing moment.


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