Entertainment news

Anyone who has spend more than five minutes online knows that there is no shortage of entertainment news. Actually, there seems to be a recent entertainment news blitzkrieg that has led to an over saturation of negative entertainment news coverage. The amount of entertainment news that is available online almost makes you feel sorry for those people whom the entertainment news media seems to hound 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The point is, while there are many sources for entertainment news online, it seems like the bulk of entertainment news journalist tend to focus on the most sensational and seedy sides of the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, this appears to be the nature of many people who have a passion for the juiciest, nastiest celebrity rumors. However, in an ideal world, entertainment news should focus on the positive aspects of the entertainment industry.

Entertainment is meant to be enjoyable. Therefore, why waste time reporting on rumors, regardless if they are true or false, about the lives of the people who do the entertaining? Everyday, there is more interesting information about music, film, television, and books than there is ever time to report. Yet, instead of trying to choose an exciting new artist or film to cover and introduce to the masses, entertainment news journalists cover the same pointless stories that 5000 other entertainment news journalists are reporting, as well. It seems that the goal of those responsible for reporting todays entertainment news is to be as unoriginal and stale as possible. Entertainment news today does not have to be as negative and dull as it is. There needs to be a change in the way that these so called journalists approach their coverage of entertainment news. While the typical defensive journalist would claim that this is what the people want, that is only true to the extent that unprincipled journalists helped to condition the public to enjoy empty gossip.

Although there are many places to find the latest news on the entertainment industry, it is not so easy to find news that is relevant, interesting, and different. Therefore, useful news about music, film, and books is left largely uncovered, and thus, the public misses out on enjoyable and valuable entertainment opportunities. Hopefully, a revolutionary entertainment journalist will one day soon be original enough to create a new trend in entertainment journalism, which focuses on fresh, meaningful entertainment news coverage.

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