Galleries in nyc

A well known and highly respected publication listed New York City as the third most artistic ciy in the United States. Among American cities with populations over one million, New York City is the number top artistic city. According to another high profile cultural magazine, because of all of the art galleries in NYC, the Big Apple is number one among art lovers. People who have been to New York City, or fancy themselves art aficionados of, say, contemporary art prints, they understand how this could be the case. There are so many art galleries in nyc, that if a person were to visit one of the art galleries in NYC every day, it would take almost two full years to visit each of them. And that is counting weekends and holidays. For those who are passionate about Nyc contemporary art of NYC modern art, New York City is the most important place in the world. As for the U.S., there are many fantastic cities for art, but New York City is considered tops among artists, art collectors, and art critics.

When it comes to modern art the Museum of Modern Art is one of the most renowned art galleries in the world. Even though it is called a museum, do not let that fool you. MOMA is the largest of its kind among art galleries in NYC. Some of the best known and most successful artists in the world compete for the highly coveted gallery openings nyc. As such, it is in the wildest dreams for amateur artists to have their art hanging on the walls of the Museum of Modern Art. Of course, every person with an education above the eighth grade realizes that there is more to modern art than paintings and sculpture.

Some of the contempoary art galleries in NYC feature art that consists of objects that are not traditionally viewed as art, at all. This has led to public and private debate, which questions what is art? What qualities must be present in order to qualify an object as art? For instance, objects that are considered art today have expanded into random stacks of bricks, davenports covered with paint spattered white sheets, and torn jock straps. Questions surrounding aesthetics and the qualities of art have been debated for centuries. However, if a work is featured among art galleries in NYC, it must be art.

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