If you hear a tornado warning on the radio of your vehicle, you want to seek shelter immediately. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk. Tornadoes have a very strong vortex can can spin shrapnel at fast speeds. This shrapnel penetrates anything in its path. This combination of wind and debris make it extremely dangerous.

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Large planks of wood have been known to puncture buildings due to tornadoes. Roofing repairs are often needed as well as roofs are ripped right off. In this video, you will see a truck get caught in a dangerous tornado.

The video starts with two people in a truck. There is a strong storm outside the cab. The radio is playing and a tornado warning is in effect for southeastern Pennsylvania. However, this warning would prove too late for these drivers. The winds rapidly pick up as trees sway to the point of nearly snapping in the wind. All of a sudden, the wind becomes extremely violent as the tornado passes by. The power lines flash as the wires are ripped from their holdings. The semi truck continues to shake violently. It tilts dangerously to one side and eventually tips over with a loud crash. Thankfully everyone survived this dangerous encounter and the tornado moved on.


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