Tornadoes are destructive forces of nature. A direct hit can mean losing your entire house. However, sometimes weaker satellite tornadoes can spawn off of the main twister. Even a close call with a satellite twister can mean a heavily damaged roof. In this video, you will see a house nearly get hit by a satellite twister.

Video Source

They will definitely have to call the roofing company after this.

The video takes place in Pleasant Hills, Iowa. It was taken with a stationary GoPro. You can see rain quickly pick up as the storm approaches. It gets extremely dark and a rain shaft moves from left to right across the frame. This is actually because the wind from the tornado is wrapping the rain around itself. Rain-wrapped tornadoes are dangerous because they can be hard to see through the rain. The tornado hits shortly after. Thankfully, it was only a small satellite tornado that spun off of the the large EF4 tornado. Even still, you can hear the twister throwing debris and hail against the house. It also likely ripped shingles off the roof. Then, the tornado spins onwards as quickly as it approached. It leaves lots of debris and downed branches in its wake.


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