There are many myths running rampant in our society surround dentists and our teeth. Some of them may surprise you. In this video, you will see a dentist debunk many of these myths.

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The first myth is that sugar causes cavities. Sugar does not directly cause cavities, instead, it feeds the bacteria which in turn produce the acid that does cause cavities. The next myth is that electric toothbrushes are better than traditional toothbrushes. However, the only thing that matters is brushing off the plaque. The third myth is that white teeth are always healthy. This is not always the case, some of it is genetics. Yet another myth is that brushing harder makes your teeth healthier. In fact, it is possible to brush too hard and damage the enamel on your teeth. Some would also suggest that charcoal toothpaste is better for whitening. This will actually do just the opposite. The next myth is that you have to get your wisdom teeth removed. While many people do need them removed, they only need to be removed if they are causing issues. Lastly, some people suggest you have to brush your teeth after eating. This is a good practice, however you need to wait at least thirty minutes after eating because your mouth is more acidic after eating.


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