Vents provide us the the air circulation we need. Whether its sweltering summer or frigid winters, air vents keep our indoor temperature regulated and even across rooms. Over time, dust can build up in the air vents causing them to be less efficient. In fact, this can even be a fire hazard. Most people use air duct cleaning services to clean out their vents periodically. However, what would it look like if someone chose to never clean their air vents for 47 years? In this video, you will see what 47 years of accumulated dust will do to an air vent.

Video Source

In the video, a very old house is due for a cleaning. They start by opening the vent covers which are covered in dark grey dust. If you see dust like this creeping out of your vent covers, it is definitely time to get your vents cleaned. The next step in the cleaning process is using a tool with whiskers that clean out the insides of the vent by scraping away and dust buildup. Next, large chunks had to be pulled out because it was clogging the whole inside of the vent. Lastly, a large vacuum could be used to pull out the rest of the chunks.


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