Wedding card money holder

Weddings are such an exciting time! All of us want to be able to remember the special day long after it is over, and what better way to do that than to keep your wedding cards? If you have not thought about getting a wedding card box for your reception, it is a great idea for keeping your gifts organized, and having somewhere to store them for after your wedding.

While most women do not think about it, putting a wedding card money holder, or wedding reception gift card box on your registry is a great idea. Most people forget and tend to pile cards on an open table in the reception area. Wedding card money holders come in all colors and styles and can easily be customized to match with your wedding colors and themes, making them a cute touch that will not look out of place at your wedding reception. They will also help to detract from a cluttered table of gifts and cards.

If you are looking for an even more customized wedding card money holder, there are tons of great wedding card holder ideas out there. Why not make it a DIY project? Adding simple details like you and your fiances’ initials, the date of your wedding, and small accessories can instantly brighten any box. Transform simple boxes bought at craft stores into a wedding money holder to save some extra cash, or purchase one from several online vendors.

A wedding card money holder is a great idea for not only staying organized, but for helping you to keep your wedding cards as keepsakes after the big day. You can not only use your card holder for weddings, but also for storage of mementos involving your wedding. Save your cards for a rainy day to remind you of how special the day was.

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