Todays entertainment news

Do you want your entertainment news now, and at all times? Are you looking for the latest credible gossip on your favorite celebrities, or want to know if your favorite indie film got picked for distribution at the Sundance film festival? Entertainment news today walks a fine balance between speed and accuracy, but the balance is much better today. Through online and TV outlets, you can always know what your favorite starts are up to.

Traditionally, entertainment news came in much slower and less reputable formats. Take tabloids. Often sold in grocery stores and at newsstands on a weekly basis, tabloids are magazines with articles on celebrities. Often, these articles move only on a weekly cycle, or even have a slower metabolism.

Tabloids provide even more problematic entertainment news because so much of their information is unverified. Often, tabloids pursue the raunchiest, most attention grabbing headlines their writers can find. Plump celebrities who are anorexic, celebrities with drug problems, and lesbian celebrities with alien boyfriends may catch your eye, but they are often not true. Most entertainment news they carry started out as rumors from unidentified sources, protected from libel by shield laws. Using sources that may or may not be lying, tabloids can report anything they please.

Entertainment news today is best provided through nightly news programs or online. News programs and dedicated entertainment news stations often have a reputation to uphold, and independently verify the vast majority of news stories before they are published. Entertainment news shows also demand a constant stream of information from sources, including other reporters, paparazzi, and trusted, credible sources in the entertainment industry.

Online sites and blogs are also a great way to get todays entertainment news. On the surface, this does not appear true, for many sites are run by anonymous outfits. Hiding behind anonymity and loose morals, these bloggers have the same tawdry standards as tabloids.

That said, bloggers and news sites are more regulated than tabloids. Unlike with tabloids, an army of other bloggers can cross check each other and make sure the other is reputable. They can also replace frivolous or scandalous claims with more measured ones. They can also provide information that is actually helpful. For example, if you’re looking for a new show to watch, then they can tell you about Go Iguanas and more.

Entertainment news deserves to be instant and credible. To date, no model can achieve both. That said, considering the growth of entertainment bloggers and TV outlets, the delivery of entertainment news of of a higher quality, faster, and more of what you want.

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