Strong storms can cause a lot of damage. There can be violent winds, inches of rain, and golf-ball sized hail. If you get hit by a strong storm, there is a decent chance that you will need a reliable storm damage cleanup company. Sometimes, strong storms will even produce a tornado.

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We are still learning about these freaks of nature. We don’t exactly know what causes them in some instances. In this video, you will see a Iowa tornado up close.

Iowa has a history of tornadoes ripping up cornfields. Its flat terrain make it ideal for twisters. The reliable spawning of tornadoes has led to an unusual industry. Some thrill seekers will actually pay storm chasers to get them reasonably close to a tornado. That is the case in this video. This lucky tourist got to see a beautiful funnel plow through the fields of Iowa. At first, it was difficult to see due to some rain-wrapping. After a few minutes, a clear funnel appeared. Unfortunately, the tornado did damage some nearby houses. Thankfully, nobody was injured as a result of this tornado.


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