Do you plan on visiting Lake Geneva? Lake Geneva is a small lake city near Geneva Lake in Wisconsin. According to the most recent census reports by the U.S Census, it had a population of 8504 in 2021. You are in for a lovely treat if it’s on your bucket list. Yet you could make your trip even more memorable by visiting attractions near lake Geneva WI.


Geneva Lake in itself is picturesque and breathtaking. The city is historic with interesting traditions such as mail jumping. You could go on a boat ride and have an unforgettable experience. But there are other attractions near Lake Geneva WI, including shopping, food, and entertainment spots.


You can do many interesting activities in Lake Geneva if you plan for it. There are tens of places you could go while on a trip to Lake Geneva. But here’s our guide on top attractions near Lake Geneva WI, for dining and wining, entertainment and shopping.

Shopping Spots in Lake Geneva WI

You probably plan to visit Lake Geneva city for its freshwater lake. But there’re multiple shopping attractions near Lake Geneva, WI. You can indulge in a shopping experience in the unique shopping spots. You will also be boosting the local economy. According to the World Financial Review, direct spending is one of the ways tourists boost local economies.


You can shop for apparel, accessories, art, and decorations, among other items. You could carry them as keepsakes, gifts, or for a functional role. For example, if you bought a fantastic comic series in a comic book shop for your children, the books would always have sentimental value. Here’re the top shopping attractions near Lake Geneva, WI.

1. Lake Life Store


You could buy clothes and home décor to carry with you after a trip to Lake Geneva. Lake Life Store is one of the places you can shop for home décor and apparel. It’s located at 1 Liechty Dr., Williams Bay, WI 53191. The shop offers both an online and in-person shopping experience. You can get branded hoods, t-shirts, and hats.

2. Lake Geneva Antique Mall


Another cool shopping spot is the Lake Geneva Antique Mall. Are you looking for something antique? Lake Geneva Antique Mall boasts 10,000 square feet packed with old interesting stuff, from books to chairs, china, and clocks. Located at 829 Williams St., Lake Geneva, WI, the antique mall will give you the ultimate experience of shopping for antiques.

3. White River Gifts


Sometimes, all you are looking for is a jewelry store to buy some souvenir accessories. But shops will give you an even grander experience. White River Gifts is a one-of-a-kind shop for apparel, select lip gloss and nail lacquers, stuffed animals, beads, bracelets, coffee mugs, and earrings, among other products. You can have a branded product to gift to a friend or loved one. White River Gifts is located at 7036 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva, WI 53147.

4. Cornerstone Shop and Gallery


Another unique shopping attraction near Geneva Lake is the Cornerstone Shop and Gallery. It’s been around for over three decades and boasts a unique merchandise selection and elaborate artistic displays. Cornerstone Shop and Gallery is at 214 Broad Street, Lake Geneva, WI 53147. Here, you can shop for high-end gift wares, apparel, jewelry, unique ceramics, and original local art.


5. Waterfront Gift Shop


One of the top resort attractions in Lake Geneva, WI, is the Abbey Resort. Inside the Abbey Resort, you will find the Waterfront Gift Shop, a one-of-a-kind shop with a wide variety of apparel selections, jewelry, accessories, and candles. If you are making a trip with children, the Waterfront Gift Shop is a good shopping stop because you can have gourmet snacks, children’s games, toys, and resort wear.

Top Food Spots in Lake Geneva WI

Food tourism is increasingly gaining popularity. You are a food traveler if you check out an eatery before arriving. Yours will be a memorable experience if you check out the top food spot attractions near Lake Geneva, WI, before traveling.


Lake Geneva has a strong influence on homeowners from Chicago and Milwaukee, which reflects in the food culture. Food experiences in Lake Geneva might involve dining in a century-old estate home or wining in a family winery. Whether looking for a pizza house, coffee house, or steakhouse, your taste buds will be satiated by Lake Geneva’s food. Here’re the top spots to check out.

1. Baker House


If you are looking for the best restaurants near Lake Geneva, WI, you are probably looking at typical hotel-style eateries. Baker House offers a unique and memorable dining experience. First, Baker House is more than a century old. If your desired food experience includes fantastic architecture, Baker House is the place to dine. You could have a glass of wine as you tour the massive estate house turned restaurant and hotel.

2. Studio Winery


Lake Geneva is surrounded by family wineries, distilleries, and breweries. Studio Winery should be on your top list of activities in Lake Geneva, WI if you love wine and art. You will have a creative experience of hand-made wine in a studio-like wine-tasting room. The experience is designed by passionate artisans who combine wine-making with art. You could join them in a craft workshop with a glass of wine.

3. Lake Geneva Pie Co


Do you fancy some baked goodies from local bakeries? Lake Geneva Pie Co has been satiating visitors and locals for the last two decades with its delicious pies. The award-winning family bakery specializes in family recipe pies. You could take your pie with coffee while interacting with locals or have quiches during lunch. Their address is 150 E Geneva Square, Lake Geneva, WI 53147.

4. Lake Geneva Cruise Line


What a way to remember Lake Geneva, like a lake tour while dining. Lake Geneva Cruise Lines offer guided lake tours, and you could choose an evening cruise to have dinner on board. That’s a great option if you are on a romantic trip. You will get to see century-old waterfront mansions and lush green front lawns. You can enjoy a cold breeze while having a cold beer.

5. Avant Cycle Café


If you are looking for a hot cup of cappuccino, Avant Cycle Café is the place. They have superb coffee you can take in the shop as you interact with locals or takeaway options. If you have a bike, you will get ample parking and a repair if you wish. You could also rent a bike to move around the city. It’s located at 234 Broad St, Lake Geneva, WI 53147.

Top Entertainment Spots in Lake Geneva WI

There’re so many attractions near Lake Geneva, WI, you can barely scratch the surface in one weekend. Lake Geneva has many entertainment sports, from theatres, live music, parks, beaches, and museums. Brace yourself for a fun-packed trip with the following top nine entertainment attractions.

1. The Highlands Golf Course


If you are looking for a golf course, you will likely find it in a local country club. The Highlands Golf Course in Grand Geneva is memorable, with scenic views of lush hills, Scot-inspired landscaping, and an 18-hole course. You can later dine at the resort and shop in Grand Geneva. You will appreciate the quiet natural surroundings, especially if you live in a noisy and fast city.

2. Tristan Crist Magic Theatre


You could go to Tristan Crist Magic Theatre on a lazy afternoon and watch as illusionists perform multiple tricks that seem so real. There are multiple tricks so that you won’t be bored. The Theatre is one of the top attractions near Lake Geneva, WI, for locals and visitors. Your family and friends will enjoy an hour of laughter and entertainment.

3. Timber Ridge Waterpark


Timber Ridge Waterpark is a fantastic entertainment spot you shouldn’t miss if you are traveling with family. It’s an all-weather water park with multiple features that allow indoor and outdoor play. It has an artificial river, tall water slides, arcade games, a heated pool, and kids’ activities. The resort has boarding and dining facilities, so you can spend the whole day with your family without getting bored.

4. Safari Lake Geneva


You could choose a more outdoor experience at Safari Lake Geneva, a 75-acre wildlife habitat. It has various wild animals, including domestic yak, muskrats, deer, Oryx, and turtles. You will go on a guided safari in a truck. The park will give you animal feed to give the animals on the one-hour tour. Although some of the animals are not native to Lake Geneva, they live in a free environment.

5. Big Foot State Park


Another park you could visit with family or solo in Lake Geneva, WI, is Big Foot State Park. It’s spread over 271 acres with tons of features for an outdoor experience. You can swim, hike a trail, plan a picnic, and soak in uninterrupted greenery. Some spots have high traffic, but the space is so massive you and your travel buddies will enjoy endless entertainment opportunities.

6. Black Point Estate and Gardens


Lake Geneva is surrounded by century-old waterfront homes. Some have been converted into museums and restaurants. Black Point Estate and Gardens is a more than a century-old estate that once belonged to a beer proprietor, Conrad Seipp. It still maintains the original Victorian and Queen Anne architectural style. The lawns are well maintained, and you can easily access the shoreline. If you fancy learning about the history of places you visit, a guided tour of this estate will give you a good background history of Lake Geneva.

7. Geneva Lake Museum


Lake Geneva is a historic city, and the Geneva Lake Museum captures this historicity. It has numerous relics, exhibits, and entire buildings preserved in time. For example, you’ll find a 95-year-old Wisconsin Power and Lighting building, a restored log cabin with Potawatomi relics, or a 100-year-old dental working station. The Geneva Lake Museum is a good way to learn about the history of not only Lake Geneva but also the U.S and appreciate the culture and livelihood of past generations.

8. Ice Castles


Did you know there’re only four ice castles in the U.S? One is located in Lake Geneva, WI. Professional ice articles build illuminated ice castles by hand and from scratch. They use icicles to make the sculpture. You should anticipate the themed activity with friends and family and enjoy the fountains, caves, and frozen slides. The Ice Castles are one of the most memorable and unique attractions in Lake Geneva.

9. Williams Bay Beach


We couldn’t end the list without a trip to the beach. Geneva Lake has multiple beaches, including the Riviera. Some can get quite crowded at certain periods. If you are looking for a quieter beach to bask and soak in the Wisconsin sun, you can visit Williams Bay Beach. It has a picturesque view of Geneva Lake and a coastal feel. Remember to apply sunscreen and carry a cold beer.

The last thing you can do in Lake Geneva is get bored. There are so many local attractions near Lake Geneva, WI, that only time and resources can limit you. You could go on an adventure, swim, walk by a beach, go to a theatre opening, go on a boat ride, and dine in the finest of restaurants if you wish. Your trip can last forever in your mind with fantastic sunset photos and branded apparel.


Considering all the activities you could do in Lake Geneva, it’s best to have an itinerary. You can mix outdoor and indoor activities, especially when traveling with children. If you are alone or with a partner, you can be spontaneous and follow your gut. Whatever you do in Lake Geneva, WI, please enjoy yourself and make memories!

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