Uss missouri tour

Are you considering a vacation to Hawaii? If so, your tour will likely take you to Oahu, the most populous island in the state. You will take many Hawaii tours oahu has to offer, such as a Dole plantation tour or Iolani Palace tour. What you must take, though, is a Pearl Harbor tour. A Pearl Harbor tour is a solemn reminder of what our freedoms cost us. Pearl Harbor tours also educate you about the general history of World War II, and gives you much information on maritime history.

Pearl Harbor tours show you the site of the deadliest modern attack on U.S. soil until September 11. Long a base for the U.S. Pacific fleet, Pearl Harbor was bombed in a sneak attack. This killed thousands of American service members and civilians, and prompted the U.S. to enter World War II in both the European and Pacific theaters.

A Pearl Harbor tour is intensely moving. Many companies offer Uss arizona tours. The USS Arizona is a battleship that was bombed and sunk. About a thousand men were trapped inside her hull. She is still submerged as a tribute to the fallen. A memorial has been built above her, meant to honor the sacrifice that so many of these men gave.

Pearl Harbor tours must also include a trip aboard the USS Missouri. USS Missouri tours offer a cross section of modern naval history. Christened towards the end of World War II, she has the honor of accepting the Instruments of Surrender that ended World War II. Refurbished several times, she served in every subsequent conflict until the Gulf War. To this day, she is the only ship with the honor of ground forces surrendering to her.

You will likely take many Oahu tours. Make your stay on the island memorable with a Pearl Harbor tour. A Pearl Harbor tour reminds us all why we fought in that dreadful war, and what it means to be an American.

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