Todays entertainment news

Where will you get your entertainment news today? If you like to know what’s really going on in the celebrity gossip circuit, the film and TV industries, or the pop music scene, you’re probably experiencing an embarrassment of riches with so many great sources to get todays entertainment news and commentary as it happens.

Daily entertainment roundups and morning shows are probably America’s favorite way to get the freshest entertainment news today. You’ll find major events from today’s entertainment news (today, for instance, was the day Lindsay Lohan entered a rehab program at the Betty Ford Center), as well as some features that are just purely for fun (a collection famously good, and famously awful, band photos). Entertainment news today, when viewed online, often accompanies its articles with “official” commentary, user reviews, and slideshows that make for a truly… entertaining experience. You’ll can also hunt down some more traditional entertainment news today at some of these same outlets, including movie and album reviews.

And nearly every major blog network and media service (think Yahoo, Huffington Post and the like) feature special categories with comprehensive entertainment news coverage. From the most obscure celebrity bloggers, to the biggest and most storied news services, getting entertainment news today gives you a wealth of options. You’ll never need to rely on just one source, as you can always hunt through different services to learn more and more details, even about one given story.

I’ve already found so much entertainment news today I don’t know what to do with it! Whether you’re just looking for some entertaining stories, or if you’re trying to take a close look at industry trends, entertainment news sources are a great way to get the big picture of what’s going on in the media world.

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