Storm damage is a major problem for roofs. This is especially true when they come face to face with one of nature’s most destructive forces. Tornadoes have the capability to rip apart a home in a matter of seconds.

Video Source

In this video, you will see what happens when a tornado barrels right through town towards an unsuspecting onlooker.

The video starts with a person driving their car towards a tornado in the distance. It is not obvious at first because the tornado is mostly transparent. This can happen if there is not too much debris or rain at the end for the tornado to clothe itself in. This can be a dangerous situation for those nearby. As the vehicle draws nearer to the tornado, it pulls to the side of the road and into a parking lot. The tornado is now closer and is ripping apart building and power lines. Even so, the tornado does not seem to be moving. This is because it is moving straight towards the onlooker. The video ends with the tornado making impact. Thankfully, it seems have been a weaker tornado as debris simply slams against the car. The car remained upright and on its wheels.


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