If you’re a thrill seeker who’d like to make some cash, a trip to the casino might be the perfect adventure for you. Of all of the games available for you to choose from, roulette is one of the most famous. This iconic activity is popular because it’s a breeze to play and the house edge is relatively small.

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Using the Martingale Strategy is sure to tip the odds in your favor the next time you play.

The Martingale Strategy involves sizing up in a methodical manner, doubling down after a losing bet but stopping after you win. For example, suppose you bring $150 to the casino. Start by betting ten dollars on a 50/50 probability event, such as the color red. The ten dollar amount is important because it is 1/15th of the total, which is necessary to set up the strategy. If you win, stop there. Your profit will be ten dollars. If you lose, double your bet to 20 dollars and bet on a 18/37 event. Increasing in this way will move your odds to 93%.

While roulette is a blast to play, gambling always involves a risk. Implementing this strategy can give you an edge during your next visit to the casino.

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