Even if you’re not an artist yourself, the overarching importance of art is something that just about everyone can appreciate. Art can make you think in ways you have never thought, after all, it can make you feel complex and challenging – often difficult – emotions. Art can even heal, both by looking at it and by having a hand in creating it. So it’s important that we can find art all throughout our world, from hotel lobby design to wall art in hospitals to the art that we hang up in our very own homes.

Wall art for office spaces is even a great way to improve productivity as well as overall employee satisfaction, something that has been backed up in a number of different studies. In fact, it has even been found that employees that work in spaces that have been enriched in some way with various types of artwork and even with things like plants are more than fifteen percent (around seventeen percent, to be a little bit more exact) more productive than people who instead work in spaces that are much more sparsely decorated. In addition to this, giving employees some level of control in the design and layout of their personal workspace is hugely beneficial, as it has been found to lead to a more than thirty percent increase in overall productivity.

There are still more benefits to incorporating art into the work space, one of which is the cultivation of a stress free workplace. In fact, more than seventy five percent of employees believe that art in the workplace is effective for promoting stress relief. And more than sixty percent of survey respondents say creativity is even increased significantly in workplaces with art – and more than seventy five percent even say that they are more encourage to express their opinions when art is present in their place of work.

Aside from the workplace, the incorporation of art is also ideal for the typical hotel lobby design. Hotel lobby design is key for bringing in new guests and making them into repeat customers – or guests who at least tell their friends about the great experience that they had at the hotel in question. Of course, hotel lobby design is key for making them feel comfortable during their stay as well, as hotel lobby design is instrumental for cultivating a warm and welcoming environment – without hotel lobby design that was carefully planned and thought out, this would likely not even be possible.

Aside from hotel lobby design and design of the typical workplace and workplace decorations here in the United States, hospital wall art and other introductions of art into medical spaces can be hugely beneficial to all those who receive treatment there. In fact, the data that has been gathered on the subject shows that patients find that art makes them feel much more at home (in what would otherwise likely be a relatively cold and unfeeling hospital environment) as well as helps them to feel comfortable, with many stating that they feel even better cared for when wall art for hospitals or other such medical centers is present during their stay.

And art can be beneficial for the healing process as well, as has been seen when veterans have been exposed to it. A beautiful painting can create a joy response of sorts, which actually increases blood flow throughout the body and to the brain, something that is beneficial to health, healing, and the overall cultivation of a positive mood and outlook. For struggling veterans who are in the process of physical healing as well as emotional healing, the use of art can be an amazing way to help them and is being more highly implemented in medical centers and other such treatment centers all throughout the entirety of the country.

Art comes in all shapes and sizes too, one of the wonderful things about it. From hotel lobby design to wall art for restaurants to wall art for hospitals and other centers of medical treatment, it’s unlikely that you’ll find any of them decorated to be exactly the same. Many appreciate different kinds of art, and appreciate art in general.

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