Art has long been hugely important in societies all around the world, there is certainly no doubt about this fact. In modern days, the importance of art is still with us, and many of us use art not only as a method of creation, an outlet of sorts, but a way to beautify our homes as well. The aesthetic value of art looks just a little bit different for everyone, as we all have different tastes and proclivities when it comes to it.

But the value of art is a universal one, from art displayed in the workplace to art displayed in hospitals to the art that is displayed in your very own home. No matter what your taste in art, the benefits of displayed art are many. Choosing art for the workplace should be a top priority, as cultivating a workplace where people want to be can have immense benefits for everyone who works there, from productivity to overall happiness.

For instance, choosing art for the workplace can help to create a stress free workplace, or even just one that provides a little bit of stress relief. In fact, even just giving employees their own spaces to decorate has been found to increase overall productivity by more than 15% (around 17% to be more exact). These spaces can be enriched by anything from plants to artwork to even just family pictures, all of which fill the same emotional and mental need that lean spaces (or leaner spaces, for that matter) do not.

Having this increased control over workplace appearance and decoration is actually the key factor. If an employee is able to control the layout of the space that they work in, their productivity can even go up by as much as 32%, or a comparable amount. Not only will total stress be reduced, but top art advisors have even found that the ability for employees to go about choosing art for the workplace can even help them to be healthier as well. After all, stress can be hugely detrimental to just about anyone’s overall health.

But though the vast majority (around 78%) of people agree that choosing art for the workplace is a highly effective way to reduce stress, this is not the only benefit that choosing art for the workplace brings about. In fact, choosing art for the workplace can improve levels of creativity as well, as more than 60% of all people agree upon. Even in addition to this, more than three quarters of all people even feel that choosing art for the workplace can improve the comfortability with which people feel free to express their opinions as well, something that is often essential for the health of any workplace on a whole.

But choosing art for other spaces, such as medical facilities, can be just as important as choosing art for the workplace. Wall art for hospitals has even been so powerful as to promote healing, as has been found in a number of different studies. In fact, more than half of all patients (around 60% of them) in a study conducted at the Cleveland Clinic reported that their stress levels dropped thanks to the relaxing atmosphere created by the art incorporated throughout. And when stress is lower, it’s likely that the potential for healing will be much greater.

And this art, from wall art in hospitals to art in the workplace, can come in all shapes and sizes. Wall art is, of course, hugely popular, as it is easy to fit into just about any space, even the smallest of them. However, where space allots it, sculptures can be incorporated as well, and even small planters and gardens and fountains. Even wall art can vary in and of itself, from fine art drawings and paintings to various types of photography, which can range from landscapes to even portrait work. Just the presence of art, in all of its forms, and in and of itself can end up making a huge difference, even if it ends up being one that is not necessarily consciously noted.

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