Piano lessons online

Piano lessons online have been a science fantasy for decades. Since the home piano started appearing in the 19th century, private instructors gave students lessons face to face. Today, with cheaper technology and video technology, you can not only play piano online, but you can learn how to play a real piano as well.

Piano lessons online can include either a live instructor or a self guided course. A live instructor is easy to hire online, thanks to point to point video technology that lets an instructor anywhere interface with a student anywhere. In fact, because the company running the piano lessons online can scout instructors from anywhere in the world, they can hire instructors of a higher quality than those that may be available locally.

You can also teach yourself piano online, with many of the conveniences of having a real time teacher. You could always teach yourself piano without piano lessons online, but the process was always a bit slow. Music books could only show you proper technique, but not guide you through technique at all. Demonstrations of piano notes for beginners were always clumsy. In fact, unless you had perfect or near perfect pitch, you could not even tell what you were supposed to be playing.

Self guided piano lessons online can show you how to play piano using adaptive technology. Similar to what is used in language instruction programs, adaptive piano lessons online tailor their behavior to what you are doing. Let us say, for instance, you are playing an online keyboard, and play a specific note as forte instead of fortissimo. The program will recognize your error, and play it fortissimo for you.

An online piano can never replace playing an actual piano. Then again, actual pianos cost thousands of dollars, so why invest in one if you do not yet know how to play it? piano lessons online make an investment worthwhile. Letting you practice using a desktop and an electronic keyboard, piano lessons online let you not just save money, but have fun as well.

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