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Are you putting together a corporate event? Many organizers get so wrapped up in the details that they forget the obvious: a corporate photographer. Professional photographers can capture important moments — moments that will brighten up company newsletters, public relations publications, advertisements, and more. Some officials, however, get reasonably anxious when hiring a commercial photographer for the first time. Meet with the photographer prior to the event to discuss expectations. Here are some things you should cover:

  • Subject Matter
  • It is not always best to leave pictures up to photographers’ discretion. There are some pictures you do not want in the company newsletter and advertisements that may circulate through social media pages. Ask the photographer to focus on small groups of employees only. Pictures of a packed room seem impersonal, and do little to promote the image and atmosphere of your company.

    Remember, if your company is celebrating a milestone with a cake — taking a picture before it is cut will help commemorate the event. Ask corporate event and product photographers to mix it up. Suggest snapping pictures of decorations, awards, cakes, and food spreads, too.

  • Think About Your Employees
  • Some workers are not entirely comfortable having their pictures taken. Give employees a heads-up that a photographer will be attending the event. A little notice benefits everyone. Employees are much more likely to dress to impress and be at ease. This will result in better shots for the photographer — and, ultimately, for you.

    Ask the photographer to avoid taking pictures of employees eating. Employees may get understandably upset if they get caught with food in their mouths on camera.

  • Help Out Your Photographer
  • If you want photographers to focus on upper management or tenured employees, let them know. Introduce the photographer to these people early on. If possible, give the photographer all relevant information — such as the venue, event dates, and event times — as soon as possible. Photographers may want to visit venues ahead of time to get a feel for the lighting. Knowing whether they are taking pictures during the day or at night will also help immensely. Remember, you will get the best corporate event photography if you put some thought and consideration into it!

Capture moments of your next big event for the company newsletter or PR and advertising materials with corporate event photography. Get the best photos by keeping your employees and the photographer informed and specifying what kinds of pictures you’re expecting. Read more articles like this.

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