This video will show you why highway design is an art form. Properly designed commercial highways are vital to motorists’ efficient and safe transportation. Designing commercial highways is an art form because it combines logic and creativity.

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Although most roads feign a simple design, experts must make numerous complex decisions when constructing them. To make such decisions, experts evaluate various factors, including traveling speed, landscape view, obstacles, traffic, and safety.

Experts determine the traveling speed on roads by analyzing their geometry. City roadways have lower speed limits than country highways because of the numerous decisions that such complicated routes force motorists to make. The geometrical features determined by a road’s design include cross-section, alignment, and profile.

A highway’s cross-section must have a slight slope to let water flow, lower the vehicle’s center of gravity, and create enough friction for safe driving. Experts should also construct commercial highways with gentle curves to avoid accidents due to vehicle instability. Widening lanes around curves is also an excellent idea to increase the navigation room for drivers, thereby preventing road crushes.

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