Spring is here and summer is on the way. Does that mean you shouldn’t consider the fall and winter holidays in the meantime?

Absolutely not! There’s no such thing as being too prepared and when the cold season makes its steady way back around you’ll be glad you took a little extra time to get yourself ready. Halloween costumes are what many adults and children look forward to most at the end of the year, giving them an opportunity to party, geek out and flex their artistic skills. If you have some ideas for Halloween but are still working out the details, consider checking out the list below. There are plenty of fun, quirky and modern Halloween costume ideas that can make the end of 2018 the most festive yet!

The Origin Of Halloween

Halloween is a staple in many American households. Where did this mischievous and festive holiday come from, though? Halloween originates from an ancient pagan festival (also known as Samhain) celebrated by Celtic people a few thousand years ago. Thanks to immigrants arriving from Ireland and Scotland we were able to start celebrating Halloween in the 1800’s. The phrase ‘trick or treat’ wouldn’t come into popular usage until the early 1920’s! The holiday has evolved since, with trends coming and going like orange autumn leaves, and no two years are alike!

Classic Ideas

Thinking of being a bit more old-fashioned this Halloween? It’s amazing how the old can feel completely new again! Halloween costume ideas that blend the times together include bats, ghosts and vampires. You can always add a few more rustic touches by customizing your outfit with decorative patterns or supplementing your look with leather gloves, boots and elaborate wigs. Checking out vintage costume ideas online can give you a better idea on how to transform a classic werewolf or zombie into something everyone can marvel at when fall arrives!

Geek Ideas

Perhaps you don’t want your Halloween costume ideas to be too classic. No, you want to go modern and flex your geek muscles! A female jester costume can hearken to a popular Batman character with a little finagling, such as adding a blonde wig or playing with red and blue make-up. Superheroes, comic book characters and videogame protagonists offer a wide range of fun ideas that can be cobbled together at your favorite Halloween online store. Remember to be creative and choose an idea that means a lot to you!

Scary Ideas

Halloween costume ideas can be cute, trendy…or scary! A baseball zombie costume can be a fun twist on a classic monster, though there’s nothing stopping you from drenching your face in fake blood and creating the most terrifying swamp monster yet to scare your friends! Yearly Halloween income in the United States rakes in a solid $9 billion year after year, meaning you won’t have to search very hard to find amazing costumes for parties. Fun fact! Nearly six million American adults choose to dress as a witch.

How To Prepare For The Best Halloween

You’re torn between the womens space costume or the vintage witch. There are just so many ideas to choose from! When in doubt…plan ahead. Your costume should be comfortable enough to stand around in or walk around in for hours at a time. That means no tripping over super long dresses or wearing tacky materials! Your Halloween stores online will have more than enough supplemental materials to make your next costume stand out, to boot, so make sure to jot down any fake blood, goggles or fangs you’ll need to make your outfit complete. Topping off the list with one more fun fact…did you know over 60% of parents admit to stealing some of their children’s Halloween candy?

Get that werewolf wig and jot down your ideas for safekeeping. Halloween will be here before you know it!

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