As you have probably already noticed, upholstery can considerably level up the look of a sofa or couch. You can choose leather if you need to clean the couch often or use a natural fabric if you’re looking for more warmth and comfort. Regardless of your fabric choice, upholstering furniture is an important consideration.

In this video by Face Lift Interiors, you will see a detailed demonstration of how a furniture upholsterer reupholsters a sofa. You will see a step-by-step guide on how to upholster a couch.

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Neil shares many tips and tricks in the video that you can try when you do an upholstering project yourself.

As you will see in the video, tightening the brackets and springs can help compress the couch’s seat. Then, use felt in the areas that require it, following Neil’s tips in re-padding the sofa. You can create a template for the new fabric by copying the old one.

From start to finish, Neil shows each step of the project in detail. Since it’s a comprehensive tutorial on couch upholstering, he also provides helpful hints for working with piping and using dacron in re-padding the sofa.

So if you’re a beginner furniture upholsterer, you can find the process much easier to do if you follow his guide. Plus, make sure to take note of all the inside information he mentions, such as the industry tips to help you in your own projects.


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