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What are some of the latest updates with entertainment news today? Here is your quick list for new celebrity happenings.

Entertainment news today always takes note of the queen. Notable singer and performer Beyonce has been upset that H and M, a global clothing company that sells millions of dollars of low cost fashion options every day, has apparently cut down her curves. Beyonce found out that the company had retouched the originals in order to make her less curvy. Her people would not give the green light on this, however, and so H and M used the original photos that did not have any size retouching. Definitely a win for young girls, who deserve to see real diversity of size and not everyone photoshopped to the same jean number.

In other entertainment news today, Grumpy Cat, the famous internet feline with the pronounced frown and angry looking eyes, apparently has received a movie deal, courtesy of her agent, his has represented other famous cats online. The movie has opened up an interesting discussion about using the likeness of animals to sell products. As you are probably aware, it is illegal to use the likeness of someone for commercial gain. However, this does not apply quite the same way to animals, especially because their owners are the ones who sue, not the individuals themselves.

Kim Kardashian recently suffered a quote unquote wardrobe malfunction this past week when strong gusts of wind made it difficult to keep her dress down in public, leading to a lot of Marilyn Monroe esque photographs. The scrutiny on Kim during the entirety of her pregnancy has been intense, and it takes a strong woman to face all the critiques a picky public has about how pregnant women should look. It has been reported in todays entertainment news that Kim and Kanye are expecting a daughter, who is due this July.

In more entertainment news today, Amanda Bynes has been all over the news lately, and, like many similarly aged socialites, has had trial hearings, in this case for a DUI. It is unfortunate the level of media scrutiny that has been aimed at her. Judging from her prolific but incredibly erratic twitter posts, Amanda has not been doing well.

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